At Manhattan Associates in 2020 I created an entirely new MDM workflow for the company. Integrating Octory, Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, and other software to make the most streamlined management environment for both IT and Users.

Updated Enrollment Workflow

I also created and documented a zero touch workflow that allowed users to authenticate with Okta in the macOS Setup Assistant, create a local account based on their Okta credentials, enable FileVault, and see what is installing on their machine in real time before it is complete.

I used this document along with others to train other technicians on how the enrollment process works and how to troubleshoot it should a step fail along the way.

Required Software Workflow

In order to reduce the amount of policy changes when updating required software in Jamf Pro, I created a workflow that referenced a set a base policies.
This means that all required software had a base policy created that all self service, reinstall, force install, and update policies could reference. When an update came out for a software in this list you would only need to update one base policy and all the other policies would call it via custom command if they needed to run.

Updated splash screen process (Splashbuddy on Left // Octory on Right)

Updated Splash Screen Setup

While overhauling Manhattan Associates MDM, I noticed they were using splashbuddy at first login to notify users of specific software being installed. I decided to customize and configure a new software (at the time) named Octory. This software was customized in Xcode and published as an in-house app through Jamf Pro. I was able to use custom variables to input the users name in the greeting at the top and give specific instructions. This method would also show if any software failed and what was being installed during that specific policy in Jamf Pro.

Jamf Connect Login Screen (Authenticated through Okta)

Updated Login Screen (Jamf Connect)

I also upgraded the jamf connect login screen and integrated it with Okta and MFA. I worked closely with the marketing team to gather images and logos that fit specifically into the login screen. Through this process I developed a good relationship with multiple departments and was able to streamline the login process as well.