Clinton Public Schools IT Dashboard (2018)

In 2018 I created a Dashboard for our IT department at Clinton Public Schools, to keep track of our various statistics district wide. This included the obvious Date, Time, & Weather conditions but also integrated multiple API sources for data in Jamf Pro (Smart groups relating to common problems and updates pending), Freshdesk (Ticketing System) open tickets by user and total open and unassigned, Slack API to show users online/offline status (which would show us if the technician was traveling between schools or was at a tech center with their Mac open.), Google Calendar integration for our team schedule and birthdays, as well as PRTG API integration to monitor of most prominent servers and internet connection throughout the district. This was created using multiple bash scripts, REST API, with the assistance of GeekTool and AppleScript to Automatically airplay this dashboard each morning to the multiple TVs in our department.